27 Oct

About Analogies

We just posted episode twenty-eight of the podcast, which as usual includes a lot of talk about the weeks news. One of our topics this week was about the two big comic book events from the “Big Two”, DC’s Final Crisis and Marvel’s Secret Invasion. In there I make the comment that could be described as follows.

Secret Invasion is to The Iron Man Movie as Final Crisis is to The Dark Knight Film.

Heady words indeed. As I tried to point out in the podcast, I certainly don’t think that Final Crisis is as good the The Dark Knight, nor do I think that Secret Invasion is as good as Iron Man. What I do think though is that SI is perfectly happy trying to be a summer blockbuster with just about as much depth and character as a Michael Bay film, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Meanwhile, Final Crisis is attempting, not altogether unsuccessfully, to create a substantial and deep narrative within the framework of men and women in brightly-colored tights.  That is no small feat and while it may not always succeed, I think it’s worth applauding the effort of trying something different.

Oh and here’s some wacky Crispin Glover Trailer goodness.

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