03 Nov

Yes on Trains

The new episode is up and honestly I cannot remember exactly what we talked about even though it was less than a day ago. Sometimes I just forget things, either deliberately or as a result of age combined with drink.

I do remember speaking about the Movietickets.com Most Anticipated Films list and how ridiculous the results seemed to be. I have been searching for an indication of exactly how the poll was conducted, and it looks as though site visitors were asked to rank a list of film from 1 to 5. I am very curious to know if Watchmen and Star Trek were even on the list, or if the anticipation level for both films is really lower than Ice Age 3. It’s entirely possible that the excitement for Watchmen is only felt among the nerd fringe that I am constantly mired in, and that the rest of the country, the “real people” don’t give a damn about Watchmen. Of course, it’s also entirely possible that I am an idiot and Ice Age 3 will be fucking epic.

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