18 Feb

Too Much Television

Holy crap, new podcast available here. We’ve hit 42 already, and as we close in on a full year of ridiculousness, I think we can all agree that if nothing else comes of the podcast, at least it got me to watch Paul Blart. It’s not awful. I mean, it is awful, but it’s not awful enough to make me doubt the future of mankind like a lot of other dreck that gets put out there. It’s harmless, and watching it I can see how it made a whole bunch of money from people wanting to take their kids to see something funny that isn’t totally asinine and will help keep mommy and daddy’s mind off of the fact that they can’t pay the mortgage and the gardener stole all the silverware. I didn’t laugh, but I think I smiled a few times. I mean, I was pretty drunk. Plus you can really never get enough of terrorists on skateboards and mini BMX bikes.

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