06 Aug

Generic RPG Hero

Who are they looking at?

The latest episode of the Zero Room is live! We did our best this week to keep things on a happy positive note but as you might imagine we do get a bit snarky, especially about the art that accompanies this post. This was Doug’s Worst Thing Ever this week. If the title MASS EFFECT 2 were not emblazoned on top it is massive letters it really could be any action game or movie or TV Show or cartoon or breakfast bar. I suppose that there’s an established brand for Mass Effect, but really, is this the best EA could do? I’m not entirely sure what anyone is looking at or doing in the piece, but hey there’s a big smoking gun, a girl in what looks like an uncomfortable pose and an Alien! Ship it!

Also here is my Worst Thing Ever this week, the trailer for WWII in HD from the History Channel. In pixelated Standard Def. I suppose it was just a good week for marketing fails.

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