09 Aug

Without Lamps There Would Be No Light

Bonjour! Our thrilling new episode is now ALIVE AND ON FIRE. We talk at length about John Hughes’ death right up front. The man’s movies defined a generation, Jose’s generation specifically, and he will be missed. Plus, he wrote Beethoven. As discussed on the podcast, here’s a link to a great story that’s been making its way around the internet. It shows that Hughes wasn’t just going through the motions, he had a genuine connection to the world he portrayed on film. It also talks a little bit about why he dropped off the Hollywood map. Definitely worth a read. Here’s one of many montages that have been cropping up lately:

Other things of note from the cast this week include Terry Gilliam’s trailer for The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus, which you can watch here:

And a Brazilian commercial imploring everyone in the world (they call the United States out specifically) to conserve water by peeing in the shower. I’ve already started:

That’s it for this week’s youtube rodeo.

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