23 Nov

Twilight 4 Lyfe

As Jose and I mentioned, we’ve both now got Left 4 Dead 2. So if anyone wants to join us in killing some zombies, you can find us on Xbox Live as Meglar (that’s me) and Jacksparks (that’s Jose). Be our friend. Please.

This week’s new episode is now up. We talked for a while about the new Doctor Who special, as well as the gigantic pile of money that a certain vampire film brought in this weekend.

09 Nov

77 Weeks of My Life

Episode 77 is up and ready for listening. We talk a little but about the Prince of Persia trailer, which you can see right here if you’re lazy:

This doesn’t look nearly as horrible as I thought it’d look. I would also link you to the New Moon trailer that Jose talked about this week, but I am worried someone here at work might see me watching it.

03 Nov

Late Post

The newest show is up and normally I would strive to say something pithy and cool about what we talked about but currently I am marshaling all of my considerable power to blast to oblivion the cold germs that are trying to ravage my body at this time.

That said we talked a lot about BSG: The Plan which in our opinion isn’t worth your time, unless you have some need to watch people jump through extraordinary hoops to plug plot holes that no one cares about anymore. Doug was right and it should have been a comic book series or perhaps some webisodes that no one would watch.

Here’s some viral video of Bruce Lee playing ping-pong and shilling for Nokia (It’s probably all fake).

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