29 Mar

Die Hard With a Plane

Here’s the most offensive still that I could find from Live Free or Die Hard, the movie that was playing in the background during this weeks show.

This moment encapsulates everything that is wrong with this movie, as Doug told me during a break in recording the show this week, “John McClane is not a superhero, he’s a regular guy.” Which is of course, exactly right.

Here’s the link to the NY Post story about the making and writing of Battlefield Earth. It’s well worth the read. Also embedded below is the frame by frame analysis of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World that I talked about. Thanks to our listeners for their comments and questions this week. It’s our pleasure to read and answer them during the show.

See you next week!

25 Mar

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Trailer is out.

I’ve never read the books before but enough has been said about this comic book to get me excited about the movie. Edgar Wright continues to make great movies (Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) and this looks like no exception. Looks like a great blend of comics and film in a refreshing, fun style that has me very excited to see this film. Now I just have to read the books before I see the movie.

You can see it here in nice Apple Quicktime or from YouTube after the jump.

22 Mar

Modrin Undead

In this week’s new episode, which you can find right here, we argue about Lost for a while and then talk about Mass Effect for like thirty minutes. But that part is at the end, the very last thing, and so you can just cut it off before then if you don’t want the ending of the game spoiled, or if you don’t like to hear us talking about sex with polygonal video game characters.

I mentioned a blog called “The Final Season of Lost as Seen by Someone Who’s Never Seen Lost,” which is hilarious, and definitely worth reading. It is impossible, as you will hear, for either of us to think about the current season without taking into account everything that came before it, for better or worse. Very interesting to hear someone talk about the show who has never seen it before this season.

15 Mar

Magic Number

Here is a new episode. Over here is a wikipedia article that explains the significance of the number 93, which I mentioned briefly in the opening of this week’s show. Please note that I am not a Thelemite, I just lived with one for a while.

This week, Jose and I argue about the merits of being overweight in Hollywood and bicker about trailers.

09 Mar

Oscars 2010

Though apparently this was one of the most watched Oscar telecasts in the last few years for us it was one of the most boring and frankly predictable. There was not one surprise in any of the major categories (sorry Hurt Locker over Avatar was not a surprise) and the telecast was a snooze. So you should tune in to our awesome podcast this week where Jose’s voice sounds like a man with a 40 pack a day habit. It’s awesome.

BTW – Here’s a little something that we’ll be talking about next week.

01 Mar

And The Internet goes BALLISTIC

In our new podcast we spend a lot of time discussing casting rumors for the new Captain America film, news that put the Internet into a tailspin (which side of the Internet is the back side?) last week. The names on the list are a little surprising, and I would bring up the age-old adage of “no one thought Michael Keaton would be a good Batman, but he was,” except none of these guys are Michael Keaton. Although if they do a Blue Beetle movie, Krasinski would make a hell of a Ted Kord.

Listen or face the consequences!

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