23 Aug

New Jersey is For Lovers (of Garbage).

This week’s exciting episode features frank and honest discussion about a wide variety of topics interspersed with malfunctioning sound effects and some bitching about Time Warner Cable.

What you see here is pretty much my view of the podcast, except sometimes I look up and talk directly to Jose instead of hiding behind my pop screen and taking a quick nap while he talks about Tara and Eggs or whatever. The tissues are because Jose is allergic to my cat, who is imprisoned in a cat-proof cell for the duration of the podcast. Here you can see Jose banging on the sound effects computer and getting mad that he cannot play farting noises at the appropriate time.

I will be in lovely New Jersey next week, so there will be no new episode.

18 Aug

Fighting with the Soundboard

We run our sound effects from an older mac laptop who’s sound capabilities are currently on life support which might explain the various pops and crackles during this weeks show. Not exactly sure what we’ll replace it with once it gives up the ghost. If it was up to Doug I’m sure that we wouldn’t replace it at all, but I am determined to continue annoying him and our audience with more and more quotes and effects.

This week we chat a bit about some verboten topics including Star Wars and Lost. How Lucas can manage to get such attention and reaction to a 15 second twenty-seven year old piece of footage is a continuing testament to just how ingrained the Star Wars mythos is in our collective consciousness. For those of you that haven’t seen it here’s a link that is still live to see the footage.

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