25 Oct

Piano Man

We’ve posted another new episode of the show. In this episode I yell at Jose for watching football. In order to understand why he is distracted, I have drawn a diagram that will show how we are set up to do the podcast. It is not to scale.

The TV is actually further away from us. Anyway, Jose is sitting on the couch in front of the coffee table that has all our stuff on it. That’s so he can control the laptop as well as make the sound effects computer play farting noises. I am off to the side. Usually I am looking at Jose as we talk, since I am a civilized human being. So I can’t see the TV, but Jose can. Typically it’s just off but if there is a close football game on or it’s baseball playoffs, we’ll keep it on mute so we can see the score. During these episodes, the show has 99% of my attention, but only 78% of Jose’s.

18 Oct

Here We Go Again


A new show is now available for your listening pleasure. We talk a bit about Marvel’s plans for TV conquest. I suppose it is not a surprise that they went with The Hulk as a development project. Just like the movie industry, TV still wants identifiable characters and the Hulk has a television legacy behind it that speaks across generations. Easy marketing fodder. I wish they had gone with Heroes for Hire instead, if only so I could hear Luke Cage say “Sweet Christmas!”

13 Oct

Sap on Fire


This week in a slightly shorter episode of The Zero Room, we talk about Zach Snyder’s now-official Superman gig, as well as the announcement of David O. Russell as director of the movie version of Uncharted. I’m sure there is already an online petition demanding that Nathan Fillion play Drake and Bruce Campbell plays the old dude. Hopefully there’s a good script that involves more than just lighting sap on fire and climbing things.

04 Oct

+1 in Podcasting

We’re back this week with more frivolity. We talk a great bit about the legacy of Stephen J. Cannell who passed away this week after a bout with melanoma. The sheer number of television shows that he not only created but also got on air is staggering, while there have been pretenders to the throne I’m not sure if there’s ever been a more prolific and successful producer of television in my lifetime.

We also got to talking a bit about some D & D towards the end of the episode. I have to admit that I have a weakness for pen and paper games. The possibilities are endless and the gameplay is always subject to interpretation. I hope that the board game brings some of that out when we settle down to play in a few weeks.

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