21 Feb

Too Old For This Shit

It’s another solidly produced and excellently voiced episode of the podcast! This week we argue once again about Hollywood’s reluctance to put quality, intelligent ideas on network television. Jose remains in the corner of “put it on and let it grow for two or three seasons and people will watch it,” while I am once again representing the side of “maybe that’s true but if you’re the network executive who does that you will get fired and someone else will pull the show and put on a new version of NCIS to get double the ratings.” There is a place for quality on television and that place is cable, where low numbers isn’t an automatic death sentence. I wish it were otherwise but it most definitely not otherwise.

We also marvel over the decision to allow Shane Black to direct Iron Man 3 (see what I did there) and go over some casting news. Plus Robocop statues, Nathan Fillion’s offhand comment that started a Browncoat revolution, and some other stuff. Thanks for listening!

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