25 Apr

Portals and Thrones

I was looking for a picture of a dog in a Doctor Who outfit, but I was unable to find such a photo in my limited time to search for it. This week’s exciting new episode brings talk of the premiere of Doctor Who (now available on both coasts at the same time without any internet tomfoolery) as well as Game of Thrones and Portal 2. Enjoy!

18 Apr

Technically True Advertising*

Doug blazed through his Stargate Universe recap this week, which is always a blessing. I know it is for me. We had a lot to cover this week, or at least we talked a lot about the subjects that we had. I really have no understanding as to why fast food products seem to be in some kind of death race to see who can come up with the ultimate artery-clogging menu item. I’m really starting to get convinced that Pepsi Co. (owner of Taco Bell and KFC) will not be happy until they can actually deliver a heart-attack before you leave the drive-thru. Fortunately, this weeks show is light on the calories and has no MSG.

11 Apr

One Hundred and Forty Fun


This week brings a fun-filled new episode of the podcast in which we talk about multiple topics including the casting of General Zod, the death of Sidney Lumet, and The Governator. Sometimes while Jose is talking I nod my head but am actually thinking about other things. Like maybe if I am going to stop at McDonalds on the drive home  and, if I do, what I will be getting. Or what I will be doing at work in the coming week. Or the latest episode of Archer I just watched. Or maybe I am just trying to think of something funny to say when the silence comes around. But I am pretty sure I didn’t do that this week at all. Thanks for listening.

05 Apr


This week’s podcast revolves mostly around the recently released Green Lantern footage, which Jose can’t stop talking about. It’s pretty great, but unless they have replaced Blake Lively with a fully CG character voiced by James Earl Jones, I don’t think we can totally abandon the lackluster effort that was the first trailer. We now know the Oa visuals and special effects will be great, so if the story sucks and the actors are weak at least we’ll end up with what is essentially Tron Legacy in green instead of blue.

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