23 May

One Hundred and Forty Kevin

This week’s post-rapture episode features a look at the fall schedules for CBS, ABC, FOX, and CW. Try to pick which four dramas will actually make it past eight episodes! There’s also an extensive discussion on LA Noire and its attempts to change the way we think about video games. There is, however, absolutely no review of Stargate Universe, because it no longer exists.

16 May

Rant! Rant! Rant!

We talk about a great deal in this week’s show. Neil Gaiman’s epic turn at Doctor Who, the end of Stargate Universe and the upcoming 2011/12 TV season. All of that is worth a good listen.

That said listeners should be warned that the last 30 min of the show we (and I mean me) go off on quite a tangent. I’ve labeled it as a rant, but really it was a much more well constructed theme at first. However, as is the nature of these things, we shifted focus for a bit but I think that there is a good and worth discussion to be had there. I hope that you enjoy listening as much as we had recording our talk. We would love to hear what you think either via email or in the comments.

09 May

One Hundred and Forty Clive

This week’s episode brings us the summer’s second big movie, featuring a man with a giant hammer. It didn’t fare quite as well as the summer’s first big movie, which featured multiple men and fast cars, but it did okay. Join us for some discussion about Thor (we liked it), The Dark Tower (it’s expensive), Lara Croft (she’s a girl), and Doctor Who (we didn’t like it at all). Plus the penultimate episode of Stargate Universe (it’s cancelled) and Jose calls me a misogynist.

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