25 Aug

We Forgot.

So we were extra busy this week trying to clear our work lives in order to indulge in the gaming smorgasbord that is PAX : Prime in Seattle this weekend and we forgot to update the blog.

We did a show last week and it was pretty good. Give it a listen.

We will be out this week, so no new show this monday, but we’ll be back next week with news from PAX and probably talk about some movie stuff.

15 Aug

Everything Hurts Today

So I woke up this morning with blistering neck pain that is kicking my ass as I type this right now, so this post is going to extra short.

We did a show this week. Things were said and they were interesting. You should listen.

Now I’m going to go and find a large pair of pliers so I can rip my spine out of my neck and replace it with some kind of space-age polymer.

08 Aug

One Hundred and Fifty Clix


In this week’s new episode, we talk about Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Change-Up at the box office, as well as Steven Soderbergh’s lack of retirement. Plus the announcement of Borderlands 2 (which features at least one dwarf), a third season for the best show on television, and pictures of both Superman and Catwoman. Jose missed Torchwood this week, so it was up to me to explain just how horrible this episode was.

And then at the end we’ve got another rant about the internet taking things too seriously. In this case it’s a black Spider-Man and a lack of ears on Catwoman.

01 Aug

Slap Fight

This week we tackle, briefly, the question of the crappiest show on Pay Cable. I’m not sure that we came to the correct conclusion, but I suppose Ari Gold is better than Capt. Jack. Maybe.

We also jaw a bit about the fight between Cowboys vs Aliens and The Smurfs for Box Office supremacy. It’s a battle this week on the big show!

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