02 Jul

One Hundred and Ninety-Ghee


It’s a clarified butter often used in Indian cooking and religious rituals.

Welcome to another exciting episode of The Zero Room, in which we spend the first ten minutes talking about apartment hunting and decorating children’s rooms! I suggest you skip ahead to like nine minutes and just get all that crap out of the way. Because after that it’s all gold. We discuss Ted, which was at the top of the box office this week and was actually pretty good (I saw it), and also a little bit about semi-naked men in Magic Mike (I didn’t see that). There also some talk about Damon Lindelof’s origin story, as well as mutual agreement that Newsroom is a good show.

At the end of episode I talked about my war with Rome in Civilization V. Just to update the listening public, last night I took over a city they’d built a little too close to my empire, and then locked up our new border by using two Great Generals to build two Citadels. I added a couple forts and what I have now is essentially a Maginot Line. And that’s worked in the past, right? Right? Well it’s working for now, and I’m building up my navy just in case they get sneaky. Further updates to come.

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