19 Mar

Two Hundred and Twenty-Boo-Boo

This week’s episode of The Zero Room kicks off with an informative conversation about the worms living in my dog’s anus! It gets better from there. There’s box office talk, a quick bit of Jurassic Park 4 news that Jose doesn’t care about because his heart is cold and dead, and a big conversation on the huge success of the Veronica Mars kickstarter. Unfortunately we both think it’s a good thing, so we pretty much just agree with each other for twenty minutes. Everything wraps up with Best/Worst, where we complain about Simcity for a while.

11 Mar

You’ll Never See Me Coming

There were a lot of trailers released the last week and we talk about most of them this week on the big show. We both agree that the new Iron Man trailer delivered the best goods. Shane Black, RDJ and a ton of Iron Man suits sounds like a winning combination for us. Watch it above and see what you think, then make with the clicky and listen to us talk about it.

04 Mar

Two Hundred and Twenty

Episode 220 is listenable above or here if you want to be difficult. This one features two weeks’ worth of  news stories, from the cancellation of Zero Hour (Jose’s favorite show) to the impaling of Damian Wayne (Jose’s favorite Robin). We meant to talk for a while about the Oscars, but we spent about two minutes on that and far more time on fan films, sparked by the Internet’s odd love of this mediocre Wonder Woman trailer that you don’t have to watch. Enjoy!

Oh, and Jose was a guest on Trek.fm’s Observation Lounge over the weekend. If you really do want to hear about the Oscar winners, and are excited at the prospect of hearing Jose’s voice without mine, go here to listen!

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