20 May

Two Hundred and Thirty Into Darkness

Welcome to an exciting new episode of The Zero Room in which we spend about 50 minutes bitching about Star Trek Into Darkness, which really seems like it wants me to put a colon in there every single time I write it out. We didn’t like it all that much, is the gist of things. We then cover the season finale of Doctor Who, which we liked more than usual. There’s a little box office in there too, and a bit about Wonder Woman.

No best and worst this week, because we were sick of talking. Enjoy!

13 May

Two Hundred and Twenty-Pine

Thought I would use Chris Pine up there didn’t ya?

Anyways, we have a shiny new show for you this week. Many things are discussed (New TV Pilots, Doctor Who, Injustice and Monaco) this week, but really it’s all a build up to the big release next week of Star Trek Into Darkness and The season finale of Doctor Who. So think of this as an apéritif for next weeks meal.


06 May

Two Hundred and Twenty-Eight

We’re back after a week off to kick off the summer movie season in style, with a rapid-fire summary of two weeks’ worth of news. We follow that up with not one but two episodes of Doctor Who that I didn’t bother to watch, and then move into a discussion of the summer’s first big film (sorry, Michael Bay), Iron Man 3. There are some spoilers, so fast forward if you haven’t seen the film yet. Enjoy!
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