30 Sep

Golden Age

We are living in a golden age. Right now we are on the verge of having five…FIVE tv shows on network TV devoted to comic book franchises. Gotham, Arrow, SHIELD, Flash and Constantine. If I was 12, I think my head would have exploded. However, I’m older, wiser and a little too jaded. So instead we talk a lot about comic book TV shows on the show this week. Tune in and give it a listen.

23 Sep

Two Four Two

This week’s action-packed episode sees Jose implying that I hate Grand Theft Auto V and me accusing him of being simple. So pretty much business as usual. The word I used to describe the game is “unsurprising,” not “bad.” I’m having a great time playing it and I hope that the upcoming online component provides that surprise and innovation. When you get right down to it, though, I’d rather play X-Com.

16 Sep

Program Note

We talk a bit this week about the Breaking Bad spinoff show from AMC, Better Call Saul. We’re not sure if Saul can carry his own show, but we are happy about it. Still we talked a bit about how AMC doesn’t have much left in it’s arsenal after the end of Breaking Bad and the impending end of Mad Men. Of course we forgot about The Walking Dead which has an audience twice the size of either of those shows. That said, today they announced a “companion” show to The Walking Dead, where “companion” is just another word for spinoff. So maybe they don’t have a lot left in the arsenal after all.

09 Sep

Two Hundred and Morty

Welcome back to a weekly schedule that will (probably) last for a whole month! We return to regularity with a new episode focusing on a bunch of stuff, including a couple casting items and a big thumbs up for the return of football. Most of our time is spent discussing the recent news that the creative team behind Batwoman is leaving the series after some meddling by editorial. Most of the media focus was on the gay wedding angle of the story, which annoyed both of us, but only one of us was so enraged he took it to online message boards. Here’s the “Has DC Done Something Stupid” page, if you’d like to check it out. Enjoy!

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