24 Mar

Amazing! Uncanny!

We talked a bit about the Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer on the show this week. Now, you can’t tell anything about how good a movie can be from the trailer (Man of Steel) however you can’t help but to like what Spidey is up to in the latest, of a LONG series, trailer for the next Spider-Man movie. He really does look like what you would expect from reading the comics.

That said, X-Men Days of Future Past also released a trailer today and it is a marked step-up from the previous looks at the movie.

Both of these could be terrible but these glimpses look good.

17 Mar

Two Sixty


I found a cool picture of Woody Harrelson with a gun looking really disgusted, but the image uploader doesn’t want to work right now. Instead, please enjoy this picture of some dogs that was already on the server.

Welcome to the two hundred and sixtieth episode of the podcast! In this exciting episode we talk about the True Detective finale and our overwhelming appreciation for the series as a whole. Then there are some bits about the impending Batman vs. Superman vs. Captain America standoff that’s shaping up for 2016 and will never, ever happen. Someone’s going to move very soon.

Then there’s the Flash costume, which we didn’t hate as much as everyone else seems to. And then some bits on Constantine and the remake of Explorers, which is probably not as good as you remember. At least once they hit the alien planet.


10 Mar

Non Sequitur

We talked about a bunch of great stuff this week. From the very long Captain America Trailer/Clip, the Oscars and some Diablo III talk. Still, the thing that has me most excited this week (besides the True Detective Finale) is the upcoming premier of Cosmos on Fox. I was a big fan of the original when I was a kid and this new version looks more than capable of recapturing some of that magic from the Sagan version. Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a great advocate for science in the media today and the production values look…hurm…out of this world. Check out the trailer below and then go watch the show.

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