29 Sep

Two Hundred and Seventy-Blime

This week’s episode is a whole lot of talking with very few pauses in between – we flit from topic to topic like two cocaine-addled teenagers locked in a room with a box of Trivial Pursuit cards. There are numerous trailers to discuss, including the awe-inspiring Jupiter Ascending preview and a hilarious look at The Interview. Plus a whole bunch of other crap and a discussion of the latest Doctor Who episode, “The Caretaker,” which I thought was in line with the stupidity of the rest of the season so far, but Jose actually liked quite a bit.

23 Sep

Two Hundred and Seventy Veidt


Not sure if my Partner in Crime ever used this one before, but there are simply way too many other posts to look through to see if I’m repeating the same joke. This week on the show we had a nice dramatic reading of the Avengers : Age of Ultron synopsis, which is lovely and we talked a bit about the Minecraft acquisition by Microsoft. But the fireworks fly when we talk about this weeks Doctor Who episode “Time Heist”. I think I’m starting to like this season a lot more than Doug. So come for the information, stay for the clash of opinions.

15 Sep

Saturday Evening Recorded

We recorded a day early this week, but we’re posting the show at the same time we normally post the show, so the version you’re listening to is missing a day. Deal with it. This episode covers the big Mojang buyout, the possible Titans series on TNT (Boom), and more. We also discuss the latest Doctor Who episode, which is totally mediocre, yet still manages to be the best episode they’ve done so far this season.

08 Sep


We talked this week a lot about the last two Doctor Who episodes (Into the Dalek and Robot of Sherwood).  We disagreed as to which episode we liked more.  Though we did not talk about it on the show it reminds me of how hard executing a weekly television show is. Both the episodes have a good premise (the morality of a Dalek / a fun romp through Robin Hood’s world), yet both come up a little short. There are so many things that go into making a weekly television show, if only one of them fail it brings the whole episode down.

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