21 Oct

Not All Orcs Are bad

This week’s episode was recorded on a Saturday, but posted on a Tuesday – it’s all out of whack over here at Zero Room HQ. And the snacks are awful. Anyway, here is a brand new episode of the podcast! The big news this week is Warner Brothers’ giant DC announcement, where they lay out the next six years of the DC Cinematic universe (DCCU). If you’re interested in knowing which mediocre superhero flick you’ll be watching in 2020 (spoiler – it’s Green Lantern), tune in! We’re also talking Doctor Who: Flatline, and a whole bunch of other stuff that is almost as important. Enjoy!

11 Oct

I’ve Been Very Busy This Week

We put up a new show on Monday, I’m just getting to the blog on Friday.  So that’s how my week has gone.

That all said it was a good show.  Doug shocked me by enjoying the latest episode of Doctor Who “Kill the Moon”, I liked it too but of late we’ve been on opposite sides of the Doctor Who spectrum so it was nice to agree on this. Sorry for the short post this week, but I’m pretty sure I have another cut to get out. Make with the clicky to listen to the show and see ya next week. Cheers.


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