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Two Hundred and Thirty Into Darkness


robocop-peter-wellerWelcome to an exciting new episode of The Zero Room in which we spend about 50 minutes bitching about Star Trek Into Darkness, which really seems like it wants me to put a colon in there every single time I write it out. We didn’t like it all that much, is the gist of things. We then cover the season finale of Doctor Who, which we liked more than usual. There’s a little box office in there too, and a bit about Wonder Woman.


No best and worst this week, because we were sick of talking. Enjoy!

Two Hundred and Shelve(s)


We’ve got an exciting new episode of the podcast to add joy to your upcoming holiday(s). If you’d like to hear Jose talk about how he could take Tom Cruise in a bare-knuckled brawl, then this is the episode for you. If you want to hear us talk about Kevin Smith’s newly-announced final film, which is now Clerks 3, then this is also the show for you. You may also enjoy the show if you are tremendously excited about the Star Trek Into Darkness teaser, liked that cool bubbly space ship in the trailer for Oblivion, or feel that there isn’t enough blood in Hotline: Miami. And also we talk about the VGA winners.

Nothing rhymes with twelve.

The Con of Wrath








This week the Zero Room welcomes longtime Star Trek guru, professor and all around good guy Larry Nemecek to talk about Star Trek and his documentary
“The Con of Wrath.”

Larry’s probably forgotten more than I will ever know about Trek and more importantly it’s influence on fandom and culture at large. We talk a bit about the new film and its director/producer J.J Abrams but then we delve into the focus of his in production documentary “The Con of Wrath”, a well intentioned disaster of an event in 1982 just after the release of Star Trek : The Wrath of Kahn. We had a great time talking with Larry and hope that you will too. It’s a fun conversation about the early days of cons and fandom. If you want to know more about Larry, the Documentary and how you can help check out the links below.



THE L.A. 2 VEGAS TREK FILM SITES TOUR with Geek Nation Tours (second year)

Donate link for Con of Wrath

Still Boldly Going


This week on the show we talk about one of our favorite subjects, Star Trek. Specifically the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek : The Next Generation. Aside from Doctor Who, TNG was probably the most important TV show in my young life. At the time is was the most visually striking and intellectually stimulating shows on TV. If you even doubt that, just look at the interest and influence that TNG still has to this day. It’s only rivaled by the Original Series and DS9, Voyager and Enterprise don’t come even close. For me it was always the superior series, with consistently better acting, writing, sets and effects. (at least it was more consistent than the Original Series).

Doug and I talk about our favorite 5 episodes, in no particular order. It felt good to remember what was great about TNG. Happy 25th!

(yea, we forgot Measure of a Man).

One Hundred and Eighty-Brie


Welcome to another exciting new episode of The Zero Room! Here’s a link to Gary Goddard’s excellent detailing of his group’s proposed full-scale Enterprise that almost got built in Vegas. As we discussed in the show, it’s an extremely bold idea that would have been pretty amazing to see in person. Unfortunately, Paramount didn’t agree. Elsewhere in the episode we discuss Lego (here’s a link to the moon buggy with minifig astronaut I talked about), box office, and Marvel’s new infinite line of digital comics (which is right here on Comixology for just ninety-nine American cents).

I like brie a lot but I don’t like the rind, which means I don’t usually eat it at a party because I have to sit there and carve out the cheese bits from inside. So then there’s this discarded cheese rind sitting around and I look like a jerk.

One Hundred and Bixby


Episode 160 is upon us, and Jose is still gravely ill. This means that I have to be even funnier to compensate, but luckily I came through with flying colors. We talk a little about the Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-Rays, as well as an upcoming Les Miserables film and a few video game trailers. Whoever came up with the name Blu-Ray had no idea what they were doing and it makes me wish that HD-DVD had won just because it’s a name with some substance, a name that actually makes a little sense and doesn’t sound like some kind of whale.

Bleeping Good

worlds-greatest-dad-560x307My best thing this week was Bobcat Goldthwait’s new film, World’s Greatest Dad. We have a brief discussion about the film toward the end of the podcast, and Jose was kind enough to bleep out all references to the plot. Which is good. I’m not going to even link to the trailer, because you really just want to go into this thing without knowing anything at all. I promise you will either really like it or you’ll hate it with a passion, but either way you’ll be talking about it. It’s playing at a couple run down theaters across the country, and it’s available on a few On Demand services. Probably you’ll have to wait for DVD. So just forget I said anything.

Also, a reminder that you can still check out the Star Trek project that Jose and I worked on along with occasional Zero Room guest Dave Rossi. The site is here, and we’ll be posting the fourth part of the script this week.

What if it’s Good?

We’re back with yet another episode of the podcast. I totally forgot that we were going to talk about Fallout 3, so I lost track of time and the show is, as a result, a bit long. We talk about dead shows (Prison Break, Mad TV, Lipstick Jungle, My Own Worst Enemy), moved shows (Life on Mars), and new shows (a gay superhero on Showtime). Then we argue about Fallout 3 for a bit, a game which I may have built up a little too much for Jose, who hasn’t yet seen the light. 

We end with yet another discussion of Star Trek, with the trailer just having hit the mainstream today (go here to check it out) and a recent screening of 20 minutes of footage, complete with actual dialogue, that screened last week to press in the UK. Whereas the trailer was exciting, with lasers and phasers and barrel rolls, the scenes as described are less so. Kirk gets a wacky virus! Scotty is a loon! Jar-Jar gets farted on by a Wampa! I really wish this thing were coming out at Christmas as they’d originally planned, because six more months of speculation and over-analysis is going to drive me mad. 

Murderous Muppets & More


This week’s episode brings news of an upcoming not-for-kids Muppet film noir, an idea that could go horribly awry but will most likely be pretty cool. Henson has kind of let the Muppets languish in obscurity for a while now, but they’re actively trying to regain some of the recognition that’s slipped away from them. With this, a Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall) family-friendly Muppet film in the works, and a Dark Crystal sequel from Genndy Tartakovsky, the company is really making a push to be important again beyond the 3-and-under demographic that Sesame Street has in its thrall.

We also spend a great deal of time (too much, probably) talking about the recently released images from the new Star Trek film. It’s totally ridiculous to make any kind of judgement about the film based on a handful of images, but we pretty much do that anyway. I reiterate that I really hope to be able to go into this film and have it blow me away. If it’s good enough I can forget that it’s not Shatner up there on screen. Although Spock is still a little shiny.

Star Trek

Ep25 Banner

We’ve just posted our 25th episode, in which we talk about Star Trek for nearly two hours. But it’s a good two hours, filled with nostalgia and mirth, and features Star Trek: Remastered producer Dave Rossi, a guest who is far more amiable than either of your hosts, so be sure and listen to the entire thing.

Unlike previous episodes, there’s no news and no box office. Star Trek is a topic that’s very dear to all three of us, partially because it’s helped to pay our bills, but mostly because it’s got a lot to do with what drove us to pursue careers in this insane industry. We probably could have talked for another two hours, but it was getting late and, really, how long can you listen to us talk?

Because I missed out on the box office report, I’d just like to take a second to point out that Beverly Hills Chihuahua made nearly 30 million dollars this weekend. This means that somewhere, right now, people are meeting to discuss Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2.