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Mergers & Acquisitions


cnbc-logoEpisode two hundred and sixty-three is upon us! This week brings with it some exciting video game news coming out of PAX East, including a sci-fi Civilization and the first single-player adventure set for Hearthstone. We then veer into the business world to talk about the recent Amazon acquisition of Comixology and the weeks-old giant Facebook buy of Occulus Rift. It’s like CNBC or some shit over here! Dawg!

Rapid Fire


228-2-Fuck-You-Dick-640x471We missed out on last week because I had some wedding stuff to take care of, so this week’s show is filled to the brim with random ramblings about everything from turtle snouts to heli-carriers. Captain America spoilers are definitely in effect, as we talk about the movie quite a bit and totally ruin some surprises.

There’s also some talk about Diablo 3 and me complaining about the new season of Archer like an old man who just wants his Windows XP to work like Windows 95.

Two Sixty!


superman_batman_dogsI found a cool picture of Woody Harrelson with a gun looking really disgusted, but the image uploader doesn’t want to work right now. Instead, please enjoy this picture of some dogs that was already on the server.

Welcome to the two hundred and sixtieth episode of the podcast! In this exciting episode we talk about the True Detective finale and our overwhelming appreciation for the series as a whole. Then there are some bits about the impending Batman vs. Superman vs. Captain America standoff that’s shaping up for 2016 and will never, ever happen. Someone’s going to move very soon.

Then there’s the Flash costume, which we didn’t hate as much as everyone else seems to. And then some bits on Constantine and the remake of Explorers, which is probably not as good as you remember. At least once they hit the alien planet.


Two Hundred and Fifty-Kate


ca54e090-a315-424d-8fa2-2ce2742869dcWe’ve got a brand new podcast up, in which we cover a wide variety of topics, from Jose’s absolute disgust for a brunette being cast as John Constantine to True Detective. And a bunch of stuff in between.

I was having a hard time selecting an image of Kate Mulgrew for this post, but as soon as I scrolled down in Image Search and saw this one beaming out of the screen I was like welp I guess I can post and go to bed now.



rick-and-morty-all-due-respectAfter two weeks and one seriously non-entertaining Super Bowl, we’re back! There’s tons of casting news this week, including Lex Luthor, Alfred, and Commissioner Gordon (the TV one). We cover all that stuff, along with more love for Rick and Morty, some exciting Superman comic news, and the unfortunate death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Enjoy!


Two Hundred and Fifty-Three


Michael-Fassbender-Golden-Globe-Awards-2014Hey! Here we are again. A couple days late. But hey, here we are. This week is all about our favorite things of 2013, including comics, movies, games, and TV. This is in no way meant to be an all-inclusive “Best of the Year” list, as we haven’t seen and played everything we should have. There’s also a few bits about the Golden Globes thrown in from time to time. Enjoy!




We are back! We’re still suffering from a little bit of vacationitis on this episode however we do talk a whole lot about the Matt Smith Doctor Who Finale, and while we were both a little down about it I think we were pretty fair but you never know. So give it a listen and let us know what you think.


Two Hundred and Fifty-Bun(heads)


BunheadscastWelcome to our first, bold step out of the old 250 and onward to the next 250! This week’s poorly-researched farce is our last show of 2013. In it we discuss a bunch of trailers (Interstellar, Godzilla, Edge of Tomorrow), a little more about my impending Hearthstone addiction, and more. We blitz through a few notable areas of the extensive list of Golden Globe nominees, and also answer a listener-submitted question (finally) about CBS’s rights to Star Trek and whether or not someone could swoop in and ruin grab them like Disney did with Star Wars. Enjoy!

50 Years of Bug-Eyed Monsters


Day-of-the-DoctorAfter a couple meager news bites and me talking about Taco Bell, we dedicate the vast majority of our time to the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. A few words on An Adventure in Space and Time, followed by a love-fest for Day Of the Doctor that degenerates into us just reliving all the cool stuff and occasionally complaining about Clara. Onward to Capaldi!


Two Forty Six


Harlech_Castle_with_SnowdonAfter a long European respite, we’re back to talk about stuff on the Internet! There are a whole lot of great trailers that came out while I was gone, including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Wolf of Wall Street, and even The Lego Movie. We also cover DC’s move from New York to Burbank, as well as the upcoming Thor-related episode of the hottest bad show on television, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. There is also a lengthy recap of my vacation and a vivid retelling of The Doctor Who Experience to enjoy right up at the top. Now brought to you by a new version of Garage Band!