05 Aug

Rise of the Guardians

There’s a lot of Guardians apparently. Some are mythical embodiments of holidays, some are owls, and others are raccoons and talking trees. This week on the show, we focus on the last ones. Guardians of the Galaxy opened this week and we (as the giant comic nerds we are) talk all about it. The good and yes, the bad. I hope you all enjoy our take on what, in spite of everything we say, is one of the most entertaining and fun films so far this year.

Oh, Chris Pratt is about to blow the hell up. Why do I think this? This video of Pratt rolling Eminem lyrics like a madman already has half-a-million views.

29 Jul

Two Seventy-Three

Yes, it says 272 in the opening. And it said 272 on our show notes, but that’s only because last week’s show notes said 271. But I guess last week was actually 272, which means that this week is not 272, but 273. So 273 it is!

Lots of Comic Con news on tap this week as wave after wave of hype flows out of San Diego. Avengers stuff, Batman v Superman stuff, Mad Max, Ant Man, and even some news about actual comic books that probably most of the people at the convention didn’t care about. Hurray!

22 Jul

Changing it Up

We return in good form this week after my bout with death. Lots of Comic Book talk this week, with Marvel changing up some familiar characters and DC TV adding some characters to their upcoming shows. I wonder when the damn will bust on all this stuff but right now, on the eve of Comic-Con 2014 there seems to be no end in sight.

Thanks for hanging with us while we were down. See you next week.


24 Jun

Two Hundred and Seventy

We are back with another exciting episode containing a minimum of traffic noise! One of us saw 22 Jump Street this week, so that person (me) talks a little bit about the movie and spoils a few jokes. The other big news is Rian Johnson writing and directing Star Wars Episode Whatever; if there were anything that could still get me excited about another dumb Star Wars movie, it was probably that. Plus a little comic talk and Jose’s Best and Worst are the same thing! Drama!

17 Jun

Sergeant Murtaugh

I missed last weeks entry for the podcast. I think E3 got the better of me and everything else went by the wayside. We talk about the annual videogame fest a bit on the show this week. This was another year when I thought,”This will be my last E3, I’ll just watch it online.” The coverage is pretty good now and aside from a few payable games on the floor everything is hands off. I know that this is probably the nerd equivalent of “I’m gettin’ too old for this shit.”, if not it’s pretty close. Still, In spite of all this, I’ll probably be filing my ticket request in about 8 months. 2015 looks like a great year for games.

04 Jun

A Triumphant Return

We’re back, and everything’s exactly the same except one of us wears more jewelry. This week we’re playing catch-up, going over the big stories we missed in the three weeks I was matrimonial.

That means you’ll finally hear our take on the (ill-advised) decision to let Roberto Orci direct Star Trek 3! Plus there’s some Daredevil casting and major creative exits from two big Marvel projects, including Daredevil. Is this the end for Marvel movies? No. No it’s not. All this and more in our monumental return to the airwaves on this week’s Zero Room!

12 May

Wedding Hiatus

Hello all! Due to my upcoming wedding (and ensuing honeymoon), the podcast will be going on its longest hiatus in our history – three whole weeks without hearing us blabber on about Zach Snyder and/or the future of Star Trek! We apologize for the inconvenience. Please don’t go anywhere!

Oh god if they let Orci direct this movie I’m going to move to Canada and become a lumberjack.

06 May

I wrecked the site.


Things might look a little different around here today and it’s all my fault. While in the midsts of a sleep deprived day, I decided to work on the site a little and clean up some of the cruft that had built up over the last few years. Turns out I was remarkably successful. I managed to delete the database for the blog, killing about 4 years worth of posts. Of course, I had no backups of the database so it’s gone forever.  Fortunately, I only have to answer to Doug.

So out with the old and in with the new. We have a new layout/theme and a few additions to the sidebar (like our twitter feed). So that’s a little improvement. We’ll clean up some more stuff as we go along. For now enjoy our latest episode and pardon the dust.


15 Apr

Mergers And Accusitions

Episode two hundred and sixty-three is upon us! This week brings with it some exciting video game news coming out of PAX East, including a sci-fi Civilization and the first single-player adventure set for Hearthstone. We then veer into the business world to talk about the recent Amazon acquisition of Comixology and the weeks-old giant Facebook buy of Occulus Rift. It’s like CNBC or some shit over here! Dawg!

08 Apr

Rapid Fire


We missed out on last week because I had some wedding stuff to take care of, so this week’s show is filled to the brim with random ramblings about everything from turtle snouts to heli-carriers. Captain America spoilers are definitely in effect, as we talk about the movie quite a bit and totally ruin some surprises.

There’s also some talk about Diablo 3 and me complaining about the new season of Archer like an old man who just wants his Windows XP to work like Windows 95.

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