09 Mar

The Lost Tapes

We are awash in technical difficulties this week, just like old times. With Jose’s laptop in for repairs, we were forced to rely on an old fashioned computer held together with rocks and hog paste. It worked, but only for about 57 minutes. Sadly, we talked for about 90 minutes. Here is a brief summary of what we talked about that you will never get to hear:

  • We liked Lost this week. It was a mostly self-contained episode, which was a nice change of pace, and we doesn’t like the seventies? There was some confusion as to who Horace was, and exactly who Horace’s baby will turn out to be.
  • If you are culminating the five year run of your science fiction series, and you are on the second to last episode, maybe it would be good if something actually happens in said episode. Although the final shot of Tigh and Adama toasting Galactica was worth the napworthy 41 minutes that preceded it.
  • Dollhouse is horrible. Perhaps it will get less horrible. Perhaps not. I have stopped watching it.

That’s about it. I think we came back around to Watchmen at the end, and Jose sang a song.

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