16 Mar



This week we actually managed to record the entire show, so it wasn’t just Jose and I talking to the baby monitor for half an hour.

I promised a link to the Raiders story conference, and here it is. It comes to us courtesy of a blog called The Mystery Man on Film, which looks pretty decent. Another screenwriting blog certainly worth your time is John August’s Blog, from the guy who wrote Go (which is an amazingly quick and entertaining read) and others. We semi-slandered this guy a couple shows back but his blog is enormously informative and fun to read. Finally, an old standard that helped me out a lot when I first moved out here ten years ago (holy crap)  is Wordplayer, brought to you by Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio. They’ve written Pirates, Shrek, Zorro, and a bunch of other high profile stuff, and the “Columns” section there has a hundred columns on different screenwriting topics. I have them all printed out in a giant four inch binder. The columns aren’t updated as often as they used to be, what with them sipping Mai Tais on rafts made of money, but the old ones are some of the best, most honest and straightforward words I have read on the topic of writing for the film industry. Enjoy!

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