30 Mar

The Science is Strictly Forbidden

Our 48th episode is up. Looking at this picture, you may be tempted to actually watch Forbidden Science. You can save yourself the trouble and just watch the trailer, which will give you all of the terrible acting and bad music you’d see in an actual episode but without the tits. Thinking it over, I think doing a serious dramatic erotic series is impossible, as no decent actor would ever need to sink to such a level. Therefore you get people like this, who I suppose are doing the best they can with what they are given. Overall though, the budget for this show could have probably bought ten thousand llamas for a third world country. Instead we got this.

To cleanse the softcore taste from your mouth, why not watch the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are, which was both Jose and my Best Thing Ever of the week. Knowing the overall themes of the book help a lot, but I’m sure it’s pretty great even without that background.

There are probably other things I’m supposed to link to after this week’s episode but I have forgotten them all.

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