25 May


After a week off, the Zero Room returns with a new episode concentrating mostly on the new schedules announced by the networks for this fall. It’s  the usual collection of lawyer shows and medical dramas with a few Lost wannabes sneaking in to try to capture whatever it was that Lost captured five years ago. Here is a picture of the cast of Day One looking at something really mysterious located just above and to the right of the camera.

We also touch a little bit on Terninator: Salvation this week, although Jose didn’t get a chance to see it because he has an actual life. It’s worth seeing for the sheer magnitude of some of the action scenes but overall it falls flat and I left the theater wondering why anyone would spend so much money on something so pointless. There’s a lot wrong with it, and there’s a very interesting article over on CHUD that discusses the original script, the changes that were made along the way to accomodate Christian Bale, and the overall evolution of the project. I wouldn’t recommend reading it if you haven’t seen the movie. If you have already decided not to see it, read away.

Next week we’ll be talking about the Lost finale a little bit late, and I will probably find some time to complain about Dollhouse.

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