14 Dec

And Yet We Are Still Here

Hey there, new podcast.

Here’s the trailer for Sorcerer’s Apprentice starring Nic Cage as a guy named Balthazar Blake who will MAGIC YOUR FACE OFF. He’s training someone or other to do something and fight some bad guy.

And here’s my best thing of the week, David Lynch discussing his visit with George Lucas and how the wookies gave him a headache.

07 Dec

So It’s The End Of The World

Here’s a pretty snarky view of the NBC/Comcast deal that we talk a bit about on this weeks show. I’m not saying that this isn’t the way things aren’t going to eventually go down, but I’m not ready to get all 2012 on it. That said, I’ve never seen a company get bigger and give it’s customers a better experience from the result. So I guess what I’m saying is make sure the plane is gassed up and that you know a good pilot that can fly through collapsing buildings on standby.

01 Dec

I Guess It’s Time To Do The Blog

It was totally Jose’s turn this week. But it’s Tuesday night and I am a stand-up guy, so I guess I’ll do it.

New episode is right here. Due to the holiday there wasn’t much news out this week, nor was there any television to speak of, so I’m not entirely sure what we actually talked about. It’s a short show. Here is the picture of the cast of The Losers we discussed:

It’s a really great book, very cinematic, so hopefully they won’t fuck it up too much. The cast looks pretty much spot on. Tune in next week for a much more professional hour and my summary of the shocking mid-season finale of Stargate Universe.

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