25 Jan

Changing of the Guard

This weeks show brings us news of Marc Webb’s takeover of the Spiderman franchise, which to us seems like a good idea. I can trade some over-the-top Venom action for some better character stuff. That said it’s not a huge week of news, we cover Avatar’s impending arrival as the biggest movie ever and some Green Lantern casting news. Probably the biggest story of the week was the end of The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brian which we beat to death last week, however his farewell message was great and showed why so many rallied behind him during his troubles with NBC. I’ll embed that below for you to check out.

18 Jan

Microphone Check

Ladies and gentlemen, the Audio-Technica AT2020 Condenser Recording Microphone! That’s right, we finally spent a little money and upgraded our microphones, which previously made us sound like we were broadcasting from inside an oil-soaked paper sack with improper ventilation. The sound quality is leagues better, and will improve even more as we tweak some knobs and fiddle with settings. They also make us feel much more professional, and I no longer have to disinfect the microphones before each cast, since we can now talk without slobbering on them. It is the beginning of a bold new era here, folks.

The new episode of the podcast is right here. Make sure to listen on some quality headphones in a controlled environment so you can hear every last dollar we spent on those microphones.

11 Jan

So Here’s to 2009

This week we devote the bulk of the show to what we feel was some of the best media (Film, TV and Games, and we sneak in a little Comic Book love in there too). Like all these things they are wildly subjective and arbitrary. I think the only difference between us and every other “Best of” list is that we don’t take ourselves that seriously.

Here are some samples of what we liked this year. Check out the show for the rest.


Video Games

04 Jan


We are back from our holiday break with a brand new episode of the podcast that is sure to get absolutely no one excited enough to make a comment here on the blog and engage us in any sort of meaningful dialogue.

There is a whole lot of Dr. Who talk this week, as the David Tennant era, easily the show’s most popular, came to a close. End of Time parts 1 & 2 aired over the holidays on BBCs both UK and America, so you have no excuse not to have watched it before listening to us tear it to shreds. For anyone unfamiliar with Dr. Who, this Spring marks a good time to jump on board, as the show starts fresh with a new lead and a new showrunner who actually knows how to tell a story.

One of my best things of the two weeks was the Japanese trailer for the live action Space Battleship Yamato, known here in the West as Star Blazers. Here’s the nostalgia-inducing trailer:

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