29 Apr

I’m almost entirely sure no one noticed.

that once again I forgot to update the blog with information about our new show this week. Even though it was a good show. We talked about all kinds of good stuff that I can’t even remember right now because all I can think about is pilot season and what show I have to deliver today, tomorrow, and next week. Hopefully in by next week I’ll come out of this miasma that is the television pilot season, get more than 6 hours of sleep a night and focus on the next 100 episodes of this show.

Yep that sounds good.

21 Apr

I Totally Forgot to Update The Blog Again

Oh no, I forgot to update the blog. Usually on alternating Mondays I do it at work, because there are small bouts of free time where I can get things like this done, even though my monitor is like right out in the open where all those fuckers can see what I am doing at all times. The blog updating page looks kind of official, there’s not any pictures of video game characters or anything, and I am constantly typing, so as long as I look perplexed and furrow my brow a bit, I think those fuckers probably just assume I am really busy and writing something important. But it’s not important. It’s the blog update. No one reads it.  And I totally forgot to do it this week.

Now I have to figure out how to put the fucking player thingy up on the top of the post and make sure it’s playing the right episode. I know this is not hard because I did it two weeks ago. But the thing is that I have totally forgotten what I did. I copied a link to a box, I think, and then I clicked something and then I put a word in brackets and everything turned out okay. Let’s see what happens.

Now I am trying to go to our Libsyn page so I can get the link to put in the box so I can make the fucking player thingy work, but it’s taking like forever to load the goddamn page. Fucking Time Warner, I swear to God. Wait, I think I got it.

13 Apr

To Hell With News

We once again skipped over the news this week. It feels that now with Doctor Who, Stargate : Universe and Lost we have a lot to talk about each week. Also, we can only talk about who got cast as Aunt May’s twin sister (SPOILER!) so many times. Of course when we did try to tackle the news this week it was almost immediately countered by Sony, letting us know that “Percy Jackson” was not in the running for the web-slinger role.

I suppose that’s the problem with these casting rumors and, I suppose, rumors in general. We’re so eager to know everything, NOW! That in the race to be “FIRST!” with something we make up stuff or distort some bit of truth to create the story that we want. I think I need to try and remember not to read anything, it’s been a long time since I’ve been genuinely surprised by the events of a TV show or Movie. Though Lost somehow manages to do that sometimes, so there is that.

Here’s a nice International Trailer that popped up today for Iron Man. Note the new Arc Reactor on Stark’s chest. Damn that movie looks like fun.

05 Apr

Big Week

New podcast, recorded on Easter Sunday because we are just that dedicated to bring our opinions to you on a regular basis. You can now click on that sexy little box up there to listen to it, or your can go right here and do it the old fashioned way. Be aware that we start off with a big conversation about comic books, so if you don’t care about that, skip ahead like 22 minutes to hear me complain about Lost some more.

There’s no news this week, partially because I don’t think anything actually happened but also because we were hit with the end of Blackest Night, the long-awaited (by me, anyway) return of Stargate Universe (I don’t understand why it’s called that), another mediocre episode of Lost, and the triumphant return of Doctor Who. At least in the U.K. If you are in America, you can see it on BBC America in two weeks. But we’ll be way ahead of you by then, you hippie.

The Zero Room Podcast