20 Sep

Trying to Suck Less

First, let me say that typing the word “Suck” into Google’s Image Search you get some interesting results.

Now this week on the “Big Show” we dabbled a bit into the question on whether or not WB’s entry into the superhero genre is too little, too late. As you might imagine there are some disagreements on the matter. It think that if they can keep the quality of these kinds of films up then all will be well, but if they start to drift into Iron Man 2 territorry or worse yet Ghost Rider then there might be some problems.  Still the brand names that DC comics has (Superman, Batman, WONDER WOMAN!!) should be enough to keep them afloat in sequels for years to come.

Finally a show note : Doug got the French movie’s name wrong. It’s Anthony Zimmer, not Andrew. He apologizes profusely and promises to stop drinking so much before the show.

15 Sep

Opie’s Noble Venture

We argue a lot in this week’s episode. Jose thinks the CW could make a kickass Sandman set in high school with Dream as a gothy kid accidentally summoned by the drama club during a performance of Macbeth. I don’t totally agree with that. But just like with The Dark Tower, I certainly don’t hope it will fail. I want all this shit to be good, but I can also acknowledge that it’s a risk, or that the chances of the CW doing a Sandman I want to watch are slim. It doesn’t mean other people can’t enjoy it, it just means I probably won’t.

07 Sep

Post Holiday Show

This is the kind of thing that you can expect to see in Piranha 3-D according to our conversation this week, only with less clothes and an extra dimension. Honestly, this is fun for the whole family.

That said we’re back this week, albeit a little more low key than usual. I think vacation, coupled with a 3-day weekend pretty much sapped our strength.  Next week we should be back to our usual mediocre form. I plan on just looking at the side picture to get some strength.

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