29 Nov

Back From Thanksgiving

A shortened week behind us brings a slightly shorter show. Not a whole lot of news breaks on these holiday weeks. So maybe it was a good time to dump the Buffy news so that it would lose traction quickly. We talk a lot about that this week, along with some more interesting news (Man From Uncle!!!) and a review of what sounds like the worst Stargate episode ever. Hopefully things will pickup this week, but as history has proven we are going into the slow part of the year for news and scoops.

22 Nov

Maybe Not Doomsday

Yet another new episode and we’re really starting to hit our stride after one hundred and twenty-five prior attempts. There is a whole lot of trailer talk this week including Source Code, Your Highness, Green Lantern, and Green Hornet. I would link to all of them but honestly that is a lot of cutting and pasting and I am at work.

General consensus on the show among those who really care (Jose) and those who don’t (me) is that it’s good. The costume may be a little weird but there is time to work out the kinks and they’re doing something no one’s really done before, so it’s not going to be perfect the first time. The one thing we can agree on is that every time Blake Lively speaks it’s like someone turned down the volume and sucked all the energy out of the room around you. Because she is terrible and not just in a “She’s the worst thing in the world” internet way, but in an actual “Are there really no better takes of this” real world way.

To find out what we thought of the rest of those trailers, along with numerous other invaluable insights, give it a listen.

15 Nov

Strong Portent of Doom

So I probably made way too much out of 38 seconds of Green Lantern footage shown on Entertainment Tonight on the show this week. Perhaps it really was just the ham-fisted presentation that ET put on it but there’s something not quite right about the look of this thing that and Ryan Reynolds is not doing it for me. Still, it’s just 38 seconds. 38 seconds that I hope are not representative of 2 hours.  Judge for yourself below.

08 Nov

Return of the Blathering

We’re back from the brink of medical disaster to bring you a brand new episode. This week is discussion of Cameron’s Avatar plans, Lucas’ desire to convert Indiana Jones to 3D, and a bunch of other crap. Plus I talk for a really long time about Stargate Universe, a show that is probably in its final season and seems to strive for new levels of mediocrity each and every week. Once it’s gone I will have to figure out what to watch. I am leaning toward Clone Wars and/or Warehouse 13. Or CSI Miami.

02 Nov

Temporarily Down

So with Halloween falling on a Sunday we knew that it would be hard to get to record an episode this week. That coupled with me falling very ill for the past couple of days has caused us to have to take a pass on this weeks show. Hopefully, I’ll be back on the mend by Sunday and we can get this show up and running. Thanks for your patience.



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