31 Jan

Pilot Wings

I am now only vaguely sick as opposed to very sick, so there was no stopping the podcast this week no matter how hard I tried. In news from last week, we talk a little bit about Dark Knight Rises casting, as well as the fact that Jose is finally getting his wish and Wonder Woman will be making her way to the small screen. Surely there is nothing that can go wrong. We then move on to pilot orders, and finally talk at great length about Oscar nominations. It’s the longest show we’ve done in a while.

There will be no new episode next week because it is Super Bowl Sunday and we are good, red-blooded Americans with a strong interest in sport. So maybe save the second half of this show for next week and it’s like we never left.

24 Jan

No Show This Week

No show this week since one half of our duo was sick and couldn’t suck it up to make it happen. Hopefully he will be out of quarantine next week and we can talk about all things superhero costumes and Wonder Woman.

17 Jan

Get Your Derby On

We keep on keepin’ on with a brand new episode of smash hit American podcast “The Zero Room.” This week features news stories guaranteed to be no more than six days old at the time of recording, including “Cancellation of Alien Prequel,” “James Bond Gets an Airdate,” “The Golden Globes Are Dumb,” and many more. We also offer an exhaustive analysis of the first hour of NBC’s new superhero drama “The Cape.” We would have done the second hour as well, but the first was so awful that neither of us could stomach it. Enjoy!

02 Jan

2011 : They Year After We Make Contact


It’s a new year and a thrilling new episode of The Zero Room on your internet. This week we talk a lot about how disappointed we were with Tron: Legacy, and then wrap up 2010 with a discussion on our favorites in film, television, and video games. Jose also unwraps his Christmas gifts one at a time in amazing surround sound. It’s as if you are right there on the couch with us drinking Puerto Rican egg nog

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