28 Mar

Back in the Mix

We got our old mixer board back this week and I feel like we did a nice show this week, something about the comfort of familiar things I suppose.

Marvel dropped the Captain America trailer this week which is chocked full of World War II goodness. Whether it was Cap and the Howling Commandos overlooking a snowy Axis stronghold or running through the forest in a shot straight out of Band of Brothers, the trailer delivered the goods. Now we have to see if the actual film can deliver on the promise or fail to live up to it like Iron Man 2.

See for yourself here –

22 Mar

Rush #1, Rush #2

We are forging ahead with a brand new episode despite the fact that our technical problems are still problematical. Once again, Jose lugged the giant ugly board over (in the rain), just so that we could bring you this exciting episode filled with discussion on Wolverine, Batman, and some other garbage that I have forgotten. There’s also a new episode of SGU to talk about, and this one is pretty confusing. I tried to simplify it but actually somehow made it even more complicated. Here’s a picture of us with the big board looking almost professional.

15 Mar

I Don’t Know How They Expect Me To Wait.

Glides? Check.

Power dives? Check.

Helicopter Rides? Check.

Two Face? Check.

Catwoman? Check.

Multi-Enemy Counters? Check.

Lean back and catch the awesomeness that is the latest Batman : Arkham City Trailer. I know I’ll be watching. Around ten or twenty times.

(via IGN)

14 Mar

We Return!

So we had to borrow a massive mixer to replace our broken board this week, but no task is too big for us to tackle in order to bring you our fine show. We continue our streak of fine programming this week, the highlight of the week is our rant against the “Day the Movies Died” article from GQ that made the rounds this month on the internet. Listen as I go off on a rant that I’m not even sure where it was going, but at least it’s entertaining.

Its fun to be back.

08 Mar

Please Continue To Stand By

We thought they fixed the board but it turns they broke it further. We really should have it back next week, though, so don’t drop us from your long list of podcasts just because of this screw-up. I promise we will not talk about Charlie Sheen at all unless he shows up on an episode of Stargate Universe. Here is another picture of dogs in superhero outfits.

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