27 Sep

One Hundred and Sixty-Boo

This week’s episode is all about comics, as special guest Dave Rossi joins us once again to discuss DC Comics’ “New 52.” We didn’t read all of them because we’re busy and important people, but we did read a whole bunch. Overall, the three of us agreed that anything that gets more attention on comics is a good thing, and this certainly accomplishes that. There are highlights and low points, but overall the new books seem fresh, exciting, and not weighed down by useless heaps of continuity. We’ll see if that lasts for a while or if the mysterious woman in the purple cloak comes along and ruins everything. We also briefly discuss the latest horrible episode of Doctor Who, so give it a listen.

19 Sep

Doug does the puns.

This week brings more sickness from me as I slowly begin my decent in to either a higher life form or some kind of killer mutant. In the meantime, we did another show, our annual Emmycast,  where we feign some kind of real interest in the yearly TV awards. Fortunately, there were some surprises this year so we had some actual commentary  to talk about. Also we talked a great deal about this weeks Doctor Who, where I basically called for a regime change. Maybe that was a little too rough, but you can listen and be the judge.

12 Sep

One Hundred and Bixby

Episode 160 is upon us, and Jose is still gravely ill. This means that I have to be even funnier to compensate, but luckily I came through with flying colors. We talk a little about the Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-Rays, as well as an upcoming Les Miserables film and a few video game trailers. Whoever came up with the name Blu-Ray had no idea what they were doing and it makes me wish that HD-DVD had won just because it’s a name with some substance, a name that actually makes a little sense and doesn’t sound like some kind of whale.

05 Sep

One Hundred and Fifty Pine


We have returned from the Pacific Northwest to once again bring you a glorious new episode of the podcast. Expect a lot of video game discussion, since we were at the Penny Arcade Expo in our time off, as well as some talk about Lucas messing with Star Wars. Also they’re remaking Dirty Dancing and Flatliners, and Ron Moore has sold yet another show that is destined to never air on the network that is paying for it.

There are also two pretty dumb episodes of Doctor Who to talk about. We’ve completely given up on Torchwood, though, so if you want to let us know what’s going on in that debacle, feel free to drop us a line.

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