28 Nov

One-Hundred and Sixty-Mime

This week’s episode kicks off with talk about food, then some sports. But the nerdery is still in there if you skip ahead to like minute nine. There’s talk of Carnage and The Muppets, as well as questions about NBC’s Awake and the likelihood of it ever hitting the air. Plus Booster Gold, Doc Holiday, and some Twilight talk to please all of the teenage girls who no doubt listen to the podcast while doing their Biology homework.

21 Nov

One-Hundred and Sixty Safe


It’s back to the classic duo this week on the show.  Which means Doug actually has to focus which is a good thing. This week we talk a lot about new shows and films, and it dawned on me that they were all remakes or adaptations of previous properties. I wonder when we’ll get back to original stories and characters.

14 Nov

One Hundred and Sixty-All-Dogs-Go-To-Heaven

We have an action-packed new episode for this week, featuring a guest co-host to mix things up, as friend and longtime listener Reuben joins us after flying in from New York. This gives me a chance to take small naps and watch football during the podcast, since there’s someone else to worry about talking after Jose is finished. This week finds us talking about the Academy Awards dust-up, Dark Tower happenings, and a whole bunch of other stuff. There’s also a very special segment on World of Warcraft and the dawn of the Panda age.

07 Nov

I’m not very good at this blogging thing.

Two weeks ago I wrote the blog post for our last show and forgot to hit publish so you’ll get a double entry today.

However, after a long break due to Doug’s extensive travel schedule, we are back this week with a good show for you guys. We talk about the various possibilities for the role of John McClaine Jr. (Why does he have to be a Jr?), as well as some of our anticipated winter films and the rating of the announced Carmen Sandiego film.  It’s good stuff people!

07 Nov

I don’t own a rhyming dictionary

I should own a rhyming dictionary, if only so I can do fun puns like Doug does in his posts. I suppose I could come up with my own, but as it is, I can’t even get the weekly post up on time.

Yesterday, we put up our latest talkfest, and it’s a pretty good one. I think the main theme that came out of that episode is that Fred Durst in a sitcom sounds like a bad idea. To EVERYONE.

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