13 Dec

One Hundred and Seventy-Nun

Did I already do a nun? I can’t remember. What? Oh, right. This week’s new episode of The Zero Room features a whole lot of talking on the internet. We begin with a riveting recap of Jose’s trip to Disneyland, with mention of the teacups, Space Mountain, and mermaids! Then it’s on to box office news (New Year’s Eve!), Star Trek casting (Robocop!) and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (Guy Ritchie!). We are surprisingly on the same side of an argument about why the Video Game Awards will never be a show that gamers actually want to watch, and then there’s a nice rant in Best/Worst. Enjoy!

05 Dec

It Would Be Nice To Pull This Off More Often.

Above is my best thing of the week from this weeks show So often trailers just simply regurgitate the plot and/or story of a film in the simplest terms to the broadest audience possible. That’s not altogether a bad thing, but it is nice when a trailer doesn’t talk down to the audience and rather just lets the audience make up it’s own mind.

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