16 Apr

Retina Goodness

Things are changing in the gaming space. We cover a little bit of that on the big show this week, with the new iPad and Kinect voice controls coming to Skyrim. I think this is all great. I know a lot of people have issues with giving up their precious controllers (and the mice and keyboards before those), but I’m not one of those people. I want to try as many different ways to game as we can come up with. Not all of them will be ideal, but it’s all just baby steps towards the obvious larger and ultimate goal….Holodeck.

09 Apr

One Hundred and Eighty Brie

Welcome to another exciting new episode of The Zero Room! Here’s a link to Gary Goddard’s excellent detailing of his group’s proposed full-scale Enterprise that almost got built in Vegas. As we discussed in the show, it’s an extremely bold idea that would have been pretty amazing to see in person. Unfortunately, Paramount didn’t agree. Elsewhere in the episode we discuss Lego (here’s a link to the moon buggy with minifig astronaut I talked about), box office, and Marvel’s new infinite line of digital comics (which is right here on Comixology for just ninety-nine American cents).

I like brie a lot but I don’t like the rind, which means I don’t usually eat it at a party because I have to sit there and carve out the cheese bits from inside. So then there’s this discarded cheese rind sitting around and I look like a jerk.

02 Apr

This Better Be In The New Recall Film.

It’s one of the iconic images of the original Total Recall movies, it was such a good reveal for us that had never read the story before hand. I’m really looking forward to see how he’s represented in the new movie. We talk a bit about the new Total Recall trailer on this weeks show and a few other things. I know some think it’s sacrilege to remake the Verhoven flick but I’m now really looking forward to this new take on that story. Hopefully they will be able to keep all the layers that are built into the story.

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