25 Jun

Eight More to go…

We are one episode closer to our Two-Hundreth Episode, for which we have nothing planned. We should probably get on that.

This weeks show is a little light on the news (slow week) but big on the commentary. Especially regarding a proposed Jurassic Park sequel.

Above you’ll find that picture of Olivia Munn that Doug was looking for last week.

20 Jun

One Hundred and Ninety-Munn

I was going to be all high and mighty by posting a fully-clothed picture of Olivia Munn, but they are actually pretty tough to find and besides, look at her. This week’s super-sized Zero Room episode features a lengthy discussion on our time at E3, spotlighting the good and bad from the show floor. Spoiler: Jose’s favorite new game is Baller Beatz. We then cover a few news items and bitch about Prometheus. Enjoy!

05 Jun

The Zero Room at E3

We are at E3 this week and the picture above should tell you what kind of place it is. It is a technicolor wonderland in which a teaming mass of humanity runs amok. It is a lot of fun sometimes. As such I am beat so I’m making this short.

You should tune in to the big show this week. We are brilliant.

See you next week.

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