20 Aug

One Hundred and Ninety-Reticulating Splines

We’re closing in on episode two hundred with some amazingly spotty broadcasting. That’s my fault, as I moved two weeks ago and have been dealing with curtains ever since. And then next weekend I am in Maine for someone’s wedding, I’m not totally sure who, so that weeks’ out. Jose might have a thing on the 2nd. But at some point in the future there will definitely be an episode 200.

But rest assured our passion has not waned and our fervor only grows with each new episode. This week we talk about Whedon and Marvel, diverge into another discussion about the true meaning of canon, and then there’s some Dr. Who stuff and a Captain Jack mention. I briefly touch on Sleeping Dogs, and Jose makes fun of me for my inability to fully grasp the combat in Arkham City. Which is untrue.

06 Aug


We talked a little about this at the end of the show this week and you can see the real thing in the video above. I got a chance to watch this last night live on TV and I can’t tell you the overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment that I felt for all those “blue shirts” making this small miracle happen. These women and men are real geniuses that make the seemingly impossible possible. I also know that it may not be the most exciting thing for people to see or understand, but let me put it this way…

These mad men and women of science landed a one ton vehicle in a 96 mile wide crater on a planet 340 MILLION miles away, without a single error.

It’s truly amazing.

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