17 Jun

Two Three Four

Here’s this week’s episode. It’s two hours long. Jesus. Those two hours are split between E3 and Man of Steel. First up is a comprehensive review of everything we played at the Convention Center last week, with highlights including Mad Max, Watch Dogs, and (amazingly) Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare. I also bitch about Beyond: Two Souls for a bit (I just don’t get it). Then we discuss Superman, the lack of heroics in the new film, and how amazing it was to see two super-powered dudes punching each other through the air for twenty minutes. Enjoy!

03 Jun

Two Hundred and Thirty-Q

This week’s exciting new episode features a lengthy and vivid description of what Jose’s daughter is up to in Minecraft. Come for that, but stay for the rest as we discuss the news that Matt Smith will be leaving Doctor Who in a few months, Hannibal’s second season pick-up, and lots more. Also, feel free to weigh in and agree with me that the chances of Man of Steel making more money than The Avengers is roughly the same as the chances that Honey Boo Boo is elected Governor of whatever state she lives in. Both are possible, just very very very unlikely.

Oh, and Jose forgot to update the blog, but episode 231 exists from last week. You can listen to it over there on the right.

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