05 Aug

Doctor Tucker, I Presume?

We were technically back from our relaxing summer hiatus two weeks ago, but I forgot to do the blog. And then I was in Florida last week, so we missed another one. But we’re back again, and this time for at least four consecutive weeks! It all starts here with episode 237, in which we discuss the just-announced casting of the twelfth (or possibly thirteenth) Doctor, Peter Capaldi. At 55 years old, he’s the same age William Hartnell was when he took the role. But he looks a lot younger, so that’s good. We’re excited about the news and are looking forward to a less noodly Doctor. We also get into an argument about whether the guy from Arrow and the guy who will eventually be cast as Barry Allen on Arrow have a shot to move on to a big-budget Justice League film surrounded by name actors who audiences care about. And then we bitch about Superman vs. Batman.

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