25 Nov

50 Years of Bug-Eyed Monsters

After a couple meager news bites and me talking about Taco Bell, we dedicate the vast majority of our time to the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. A few words on An Adventure in Space and Time, followed by a love-fest for Day Of the Doctor that degenerates into us just reliving all the cool stuff and occasionally complaining about Clara. Onward to Capaldi!

18 Nov


This week on the show we go deep into Doctor Who. First off we talk about the “Night of the Doctor” short that was released last week. It’s pretty obvious that we were both taken in by it and our enthusiasm shows. Then we recount all of the Doctor’s regeneration sequences and rank them along arbitrary terms, because everyone loves a good list.

Program note: We (I) forgot to put an entry for last weeks show. If you missed it you can find it on the right in the podcast player. Sorry about that.

04 Nov

Two Forty Six

After a long European respite, we’re back to talk about stuff on the Internet! There are a whole lot of great trailers that came out while I was gone, including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Wolf of Wall Street, and even The Lego Movie. We also cover DC’s move from New York to Burbank, as well as the upcoming Thor-related episode of the hottest bad show on television, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. There is also a lengthy recap of my vacation and a vivid retelling of The Doctor Who Experience to enjoy right up at the top. Now brought to you by a new version of Garage Band!

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