16 Dec

Two Hundred and Fifty-Bun(heads)

Welcome to our first, bold step out of the old 250 and onward to the next 250! This week’s poorly-researched farce is our last show of 2013. In it we discuss a bunch of trailers (Interstellar, Godzilla, Edge of Tomorrow), a little more about my impending Hearthstone addiction, and more. We blitz through a few notable areas of the extensive list of Golden Globe nominees, and also answer a listener-submitted question (finally) about CBS’s rights to Star Trek and whether or not someone could swoop in and ruin grab them like Disney did with Star Wars. Enjoy!

10 Dec

Two Fiddy


Well, we made it to two hundred and fifty episode this week. Which is amazing since when we first started this thing we didn’t think we’d make it to twenty no less to Two Fifty. So many, many thanks for that.

This week we prattle on about the box office and of course the Wonder Woman casting and what we think of it (Spoiler: It’s too early to say anything). Make with the clicky on the left to listen to the show.

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