27 Jan

Skittles From the Dark Side

This week we open with some Skittles talk, because that’s definitely what you’re tuning in for, right? Evil Skittles are made up of pomegranate, dark berry, midnight lime, forbidden fruit, and blood orange. Because it’s bloody!

After that we talk about some movies and things, including several pointless awards shows and the fact that Scotty is helping to write the new Star Trek movie. I saw Birdman. Jose saw Selma. We both saw Force Majuere.

20 Jan


This week on the show we talk a lot about the Oscars this week, including the fact that we haven’t seen any of the big nominated films. While we plan to rectify this quickly now that we have a list, still it’s kind of entertaining as we stumble through the list of nominees with almost no excitement. Except for the animated movies, I’ve seen all those.

13 Jan

Two Hundred and Eighty-Pine

Did I do one of these for Chris Pine already? I don’t remember. The guy’s not so bad as Kirk, really, he just keeps getting stuck with shitty scripts. Anyway, welcome to episode 289 of the podcast! This week we recorded while the Golden Globes were being announced, so tune in for a fractured reveal of the people who won, but not all of them! We also discuss the Ant Man trailer and a whole bunch of television news. Then it’s time for us to praise Heroes of the Storm some more. The game starts closed beta today, so go to Battle.net and sign up for an invite. If you get in, join us and I will toss my dwarf at you!

06 Jan

2014 in Review

We’re back! We continue our yearly tradition on the show this week looking back on the show at some of the things that made us happy in the past year.  In movies, TV, Comics, Video Games and more, listen to what excited us last year and a little bit about what we are looking forward to in 2015. Thanks for listening this past year, we are looking forward to the next.

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